Saturday, August 26, 2017

7D Korea Golden Rama Tour: Everland, Gyeonggido Part 2

Anyeong! The wooden roller coaster ride at Everland, the biggest theme park in South Korea, was a really thrilling good experience. But my back neck seems to be kinda tight after those defying gravity moment on the ride. Now I know why the telly that we saw while queuing asked us to stretch our neck prior to riding the roller coaster. Oh well, since we are done with the most challenging ride and we only have around 45 minutes left to hang out at Everland, we slowly made our way back to the meeting point at the entrance of the theme park. 

7D Korea Golden Rama Tour: Everland, Gyeonggido Part 2

Ooo a lot of people is watching the ride which looks like Twister, you know the kind of ride that flip you in 360 degrees direction and splash you with water while you are stuck there like suckling pork. I don't know but it is really kinda fun to see people getting tor... uhh I mean, having fun riding that ride. My mom, bro and myself watched them for around 3 minutes or so hahahaha.

Watching people get wet at Everland Gyeonggido

Uhh I kinda regret not riding this Robot VR ride because it looks pretty cool and you won't get wet from this ride. Oh well, maybe next time if I ever come back to Everland. 

Robot VR ride at Everland Gyeonggido South Korea

Omaigat I saw my favourite cute friends, Brown, Cony and Sally. Aww, turns out there is a store of Line Friends here at Everland. Woots, time to say anyeong to them. The store is located near to the main square where all the flowers and the beautiful tree is located. 

Line Friends Store at Everland Gyeonggido South Korea

A visit to Line Friends store is not complete without taking picture with Brown, Cony and Sally. Brown and Sally look so cute in the outfits from their latest line. Hehe. 

Posing with Brown, Cony and Sally at Line Friends Store at Everland Gyeonggido

A variety of Line Friends' plush toys is sold here. They are so cute but I have a few of Line Friends' plush toys already and I'm not sure where I can keep them if I keep expanding my collection. :(

Cuteness in container tube at Line Friends Store Everland Gyeonggido

If you are more into collecting figurines, you can also buy them here. I have two of the biggest size of Brown and Cony and they really make a good picture prop. Although I use them mostly when I am eating at home instead of eating out with friend. 

Collector statue from Line Friends Store at Everland Gyeonggido

Phone casings are also available but they are all for Iphone. Argh. I thought South Korea is the land of Samsung products? What happens to casing for Samsung phones, Line Friends? Aigoo. 

Phone casing from Line Friends Store Everland Gyeonggido

I came out from Line Friends Store empty handed but I suppose that's okay because after all we were only at day 3 of the 7D Korea Golden Rama Tour. More money to spend when we are back in Seoul. Teehee. 

An afternoon at Everland Gyeonggido South Korea

Admission + Rides Fees:

- One day ticket: Adults 54,000 KRW/ Teenagers 46,000 KRW/ Children and Senior 43,000 KRW
- Night ticket (after 5PM): Adult 45,000 KRW/ Teenagers 39,000 KRW/ Children and Senior 36,000 KRW
- Two days ticket: Adults 84,000 KRW/ Teenagers 71,000 KRW/ Children and Senior 67,000 KRW

Admission only fees:

- One day ticket: Adults 45,000 KRW/ Teenagers 38,000 KRW/ Children 35,000 KRW
- Night ticket (after 5PM): Adults 36,000 KRW/ Teenagers 33,000 KRW/ Children 31,000 KRW

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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